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Our current delivery sectors

We have established focused delivery teams to reflect the industry verticals where we have developed strong reputations for innovation and delivery. We believe this approach allows us to build stronger and deeper relationships with our clients in those sectors and gives us the industry knowledge and expertise to help provide more effective solutions.Our current delivery sectors include Banking & Financial Services, Telecommunocations, and Oil & Gas.

Banking & Financial Services:

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Retail Banking:

Banks have experienced tremendous change over the last decade, including large-scale industry consolidation, the proliferation of alternative delivery channels, and the emergence of new nonbank competitors, such as bank assurance companies and online brokerages. As acquisition-led growth slows, banks must now look for other performance improvement opportunities.

Commercial Banking:

Global corporate banking and capital markets have seen substantial change in the last few years. There is new competition from online brokerages and, most recently, there has been a drop in transactions for debt and equity markets, mergers & acquisitions, and initial public offerings. As banks sought to position themselves for economic rebound, a well-documented wave of employee layoffs and other cost reductions were undertaken.

Our clients include Dubai Bank, Robeco,


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Over the past decade, the telecommunications industry has undergone tremendous transformation, driven primarily by deregulation, the increased demands of a "networked economy," the emergence of innovative services and business models that fueled competition, and, more recently, the industry downturn.Currently, the telecommunications industry is facing two major challenges. As a sector that was one of the hardest hit by the economic downturn, telecommunications players are looking to return to profitable growth by focusing on their core business, slashing capital expenditures, and reducing operational costs. At the same time, to maintain their ability to successfully compete, operators need to lay the foundation for the next generation of networks and services by investing in new technologies and services, such as 3G, broadband, applications, content delivery, and hosting.

Clients include BT, sunrise, KPN

Oil & Gas:

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Nazconsult works with our partner company Knowledge Process Solutions, in providing consultancy services around Knowledge Process Solutions products, such as Oilfield Data Analysis.