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The Nazconsult Project Methodology is intended for use for all projects regardless of the size of the project. It is based on the principle of strong partnerships between Nazconsult, clients, suppliers, and stakeholders.

The methodology promotes effective management and governance of projects by constantly reviewing the business case with stakeholders at key decision points in the project lifecycle.

Our Approach

Project Assessment begins by defining the scope of the project including identification of the target customers, their needs and the functions the system must perform. Initial understanding of the requirements is reviewed, adapted and documented. Theses requirements are gathered in facilitated workshops with key business representatives in order to develop consensus on requirements, objectives and relevant business processes. Once the assesment is agreed and signed off, than our team begin to design and document the solution, as well as agreed project plan which will be build on the principle of fix time fixed cost business model.

Project Implementation phase begins, once the implementation phase is well understood and accepted. In this project phase the solution is developed, tested and deployed with direct input and involvement with client teams and developers to ensure that there is a complete knowledge transfer and understanding of the solution. Once the implementaion phase is completed a complete UAT is carried out with users of the system. UAT stands for User Acceptance Testing and represents the user’s validation and verification of the system in accordance with the pre-determined functionality as agreed.

Project Rollout phase follows the implementation phase during which the system is put to use in single/ multiple sites.

Throughout the project, close management and control is maintained by a project management team, which is responsible for the day-to-day management of the project. This includes: the overall integrity of the project and the quality of all deliverables, and ensuring milesstones and cost objectives are met. Training on products and solution is also provided to end user as part of the overall project initiative.