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The demands placed upon today’s call centre are growing. Call centers must deliver the best quality service while being responsible for a growing number of channels and applications. Additionally, agents are not only expected to handle service inquiries, but also to cross sell additional products in support of the industry trend to push products through all channels rather than constrict them to silos.

With increased pressure to remain competitive and cut costs while providing premium customer service, companies are expecting more every day from their call center operations. Agents often find themselves in the middle of content overload: product information, marketing promotions, support documents, procedures and reporting, customer data, and more.  The increasing complexity and variety of IT, Internet, Telecom and technology products and services being offered to customers and the fast pace of change of these products and services is increasing the demand for expert customer service. This involves the timely and effective diagnosis and resolution of customer queries / problems that is vital to customer satisfaction and retention. Delivering such support requires an increasing number of highly trained customer service agents. In a commercial environment of increased competition and reduced profit margins, the challenge is how to reconcile the seemingly conflicting objectives of reducing customer support costs while maintaining / improving support quality. The challenges can be summarised as follows:

  • Products are more complex and changing at a fast pace
  • Customers are demanding high quality service over multiple contact channels (telephone, email, chat and web self-service).
  • Retaining skilled agents and providing training on new products and services.
  • Reduce costs and at the same time ensuring superior quality of customer service
  • Customer expectations continue to rise

It's with this premise, the exciting new opportunity to optimize the call center operation using knowledge-based applications. Nazconsult can assist organisations in automating technical support knowledge by capturing and automatiing business rules. Specific services include:

  • Process management: processing applications, web enquiries, automated and semi-automated emails, and white mail (post, coupons, faxes and orders)
  • Business Rules Automation: Capture business knowledge represented by rules, expertise, know-how, procedures, policies, regulations and process-flows.
  • Service Resolution Management: Streamline the process of diagnosing and resolving customer inquiries to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Total customer solutions: multi-channel bespoke campaigns encompassing design, creation, hosting and maintenance of systems
  • Contact centre technology: We deliver on-site and hosted telephony solutions for call centres in partnership with key industry players.