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NazConsult is a provider of consultancy services, technology solutions, and training. NazConsult focuses on services that are necessary to achieve solution implementation.

Our purpose is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients, and to help organisations create and sustain competitive advantage. NazConsult Consulting is an independent company focused on the single objective of helping organisations gain more value from existing, or new, technology services.

NazConsult was set up in response to the difficulties many customers were experiencing in extracting the promised value from their investments in information technology. We felt there was much more involved in establishing a successful information technology system than technology providers were willing, or able, to provide. Our expertise is focused on knowledge based solutions such as case based reasoning and full CRM design, and implementation.


Nazconsult’s vision is to deliver knowledge based software solutions, and services and that will empower call center services organisations and other industry-based organizations to compete more effectively and efficiently. We do this by understanding the unique needs of professionals, and by tailoring our solutions and services with them in mind. We apply solutions that enable organisations to extract value from existing knowledge in systems and knowledge embedded in people’s heads. Most importantly, we listen, we learn about their needs, their culture and information requirements, and we educate ourselves about their business processes. Through this alliance, we are able to build solutions that meet their needs and integrate easily into the culture and workflow of the firm.